Translation Services

Translation is the process of putting words in text form, from one language into another. It has been proven that businesses that invest in translation services have developed new markets, increased customer loyalty and revenue.

DUAL Translations ensures your final document will convey the meaning of the original message, read smoothly, and is free from spelling and grammatical errors. We provide written translation services for any type of document and industry.

interpretation services

Interpretation Services

Interpretation is the process of converting a thought or oral expression in a source language into an oral expression to a target language. DUAL Translations  can provide interpretation services simultaneously in "real time" or consecutively when the speaker pauses after completing one or two sentences.

An interpreter can be scheduled by appointment to help you communicate face-to-face with your client or by phone to maximize your time and obtain the best results.

Interpretation/Translation Workshops

DUAL Translations provides professional training and workshop programs so you can provide your employees with the tools to improve communication with your Spanish speaking customers.

Enhance the ability of your team to communicate in writing and oral communication. We can help to define the rolls of interpreters and translators in your organization.

Dual Translations fulfills the need for translation services in the inland empire.

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